May 2023


From Bump To Baby: Jewelry Gift Ideas For The Mom-to-Be

Pregnancy is fundamental in a woman’s life, and what better way to celebrate than with a piece of jewelry that captures the beauty and excitement of the journey from bump to baby?

From sentimental keepsakes to stylish accessories, there are countless jewelry gift ideas for the mom-to-be that will make her feel cherished and loved. The article will explore some of the top jewelry gift ideas for expecting mothers.

1.   Pallene Bracelet Bundle and Birth Moon Baby Onesie

The Pallene Bracelet Bundle features a silver-plated charm that depicts a personalized moon at the center, a birthstone charm, a rose gold plated love knot bracelet, and a gold-plated open cuff bracelet. The personalized moon charm is a unique and memorable addition to the bundle, as it’s customized to represent the baby’s birth month and phase of the moon.

That makes the Pallene bracelet bundle from moonglow newborn jewelry a sentimental, meaningful, and stylish gift for an expecting mother, as it captures the magic of the journey from bump to baby. The Birth Moon Baby Onesie is a personalized and unique onesie that features the baby’s birth moon phase. Together, they create a thoughtful and meaningful gift celebrating the journey from bump to baby.

Whether given separately or as a set, any expecting mother will surely cherish the Pallene bracelet bundle and birth moon baby onesie.

2.   Charmed Necklace Bundle

The Charmed Simplicity Necklace Bundle is a timeless and uniquely personal jewelry piece that would make a perfect gift for an expecting mother. Its minimalist design makes it an excellent option for those who prefer simple and elegant jewelry that shows off their style and individuality without being too complicated or busy. The necklace bundle features a small pendant that features a personalized moon phase.

The moon charm is set in silver and represents the phase of the moon on a date of special meaning, such as the baby’s birth month. The radiant birth moon charm creates a beautiful lunar necklace that will never go out of style. Moonglow has beautiful pieces with empowering moon-inspired designs, making them the perfect gift to celebrate a special moment with a mom-to-be and inspire their journey.

3.   Beaded Bracelet

Like their calm and glow bracelet, Moonglow’s beaded bracelets make great gifts for moms-to-be or pregnant mothers. The bracelet features lovely, sea-colored stones and carries peaceful energy. The jewelry can be calming and soothing during pregnancy.

The bracelet also includes a luminous lunar charm in silver that glows like the moon itself, which you can set to a moment sacred to the mother or baby, such as a birth date or due date.Moonglow’s beaded bracelets are beautiful and also incorporate ancient healing powers. They make lovely gifts to help mothers-to-be feel connected to their babies and the universe during this time.

4.   Mini Moon Bracelet

The Mini Moon Bracelet from Moonglow is a perfect gift for a mother-to-be; the artfully-crafted bracelet orbits around the wrist with luminous stainless steel and silver plated circles. The awe-inspiring lunar charm captures a moment, radiating light from within to glow in darkness like the moon.

The piece is a beautiful and meaningful way to mark a special moment, such as a child’s due date or birth. The mini satellite bracelet is an excellent gift to mums from Moonglow, featuring a petite and delicate lunar charm that is perfect for everyday wear.

5.   Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone jewelry is a thoughtful and personal gift idea for a mom-to-be, representing the month of the baby’s due date or birth. For example, a birthstone satellite necklace is a beautiful and meaningful gift for a mother-to-be. The hand-finished silver plated pendant features a stunning moon image and a birthstone crystal representing the baby’s birth month.

The adjustable length ensures a perfect fit, and the piece can be worn throughout the pregnancy and beyond. This necklace celebrates the baby’s arrival on the planet and provides a beautiful reminder of the special moment. It’s a unique and personalized gift that any expecting mother would treasure.


Jewelry gifts are a timeless and personal way to celebrate the joy of expecting a baby. From pairing a stunning pallene bracelet bundle with a birth moon baby onesie to the charmed simplicity necklace bundle, Moonglow offers a wide range of beautiful, unique jewelry pieces perfect for gifting a mom-to-be. The calm and glow-beaded mini-moon bracelets are also great options with special meaning and energy.

The birthstone satellite necklace provides a meaningful way to celebrate the arrival of a precious new life. Moon-inspired jewelry pieces are beautiful and unique and carry a special meaning and a sense of empowerment, making them the perfect gift for a mom-to-be.

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Tailored Temp Tats: 5 Creative Ideas To Help You Design Your Own Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos are a great way to enhance your looks and have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Nowadays, most people go for temporary tattoos thanks to their many benefits. They are associated with lower costs, less irritation and pain than their traditional counterparts.

With temporary tattoos, you don’t have to worry about pain or infection, and the removal process is less stressful. The good thing about these tattoos is that you can design your own temporary tattoos, and there are various designs to go for.

 Here are creative ideas to design your temporary tattoos:

  1. Use your own photos

You can use your photos to design the best custom temporary tattoos. Choose a photo that you would like to use as your temporary tattoo. Ensure it is clear with a high resolution, then print it into a sheet of temporary tattoo paper. You will get such papers in most art stores near you or online, and these come with instructions.

Cut the required tattoo design and apply adhesive to your skin. Press the design using a damp cloth and press for some minutes. Once done, peel off the paper and let the tattoo dry completely.

  1. Metallic custom tattoos

Metallic custom tattoos are temporary tattoos that mimic the appearance of metallic materials such as gold, silver, bronze, or copper. They are applied to the skin using a transfer paper or adhesive and can last for days or weeks. They are printed in metallic foil and work well with different outfits.

Metallic custom tattoos are an excellent way to make a statement and are perfect for special events and gatherings. These tattoos are shiny and will add the much-desired sparkle to your look. They are famous for their dazzling effects and always stand out.

  1. Glow in the dark

 Glow-in-the-dark tattoo designs are another design for temporary tattoos. They are visible in low-light conditions and are created using special ink. They are a great way to add glamor to your party look and brighten your day. Glow in the dark custom tattoos always make a statement and will complement your look no matter the occasion.

  1. Glitter custom temporary tattoos

Glitter custom tattoos are flashy and eye-catching designs. You can make them by applying a special adhesive to the skin and adding a layer of glitter on top. You can create them using various colors, sizes and patterns, and they can be custom-made, or you can work with an expert artist. The glitters are added to the adhesive to add a sparkling effect and make the tattoo stand out.

  1. White ink tattoo

White ink tattoos feature white ink instead of traditional black or colored ink. They are more subtle and understated tattoo designs that are less visible than conventional ones. They are less opaque than other colors, and it’s hard to see them on certain skin types. Moreover, they also fade more quickly than traditional tattoos and may require frequent touch-ups.

Final thoughts

Temporary tattoos are easy to eliminate and a great way to enhance your look. There is a wide variety of designs, and your preferences can only limit them. Choose the most suitable custom tattoo, and choose your favorite colors and patterns today!



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